The Beginning

SENS Consult arose from the observation that in the energy transition there is a great need for a total concept in which advice and implementation come together. There is a growing demand for a reliable partner who can assist clients throughout the entire sustainability process, without the need to involve various parties.

The Journey to the Solution

SENS Consult was founded with the aim of unburdening clients by offering a single point of contact for both advice and implementation. The platform was created by experienced Energy Performance Consultants who want to offer a wide range of sustainability services, from energy advice to the actual implementation of sustainable solutions.

Milestones and Successes

Along the way, SENS Consult has achieved several milestones and successes. They have grown into a respected family business with a wide range of services and a team of certified professionals in the field of home insulation and installation of solar panels and heat pumps. Not only have they helped hundreds of homeowners make their homes more sustainable, they have also become a trusted partner for businesses and municipalities.

Our Mission

SENS Consult’s mission is to make sustainability accessible to all. We strive to be a reliable partner that relieves clients throughout the entire sustainability process, offering a wide range of services and expertise.

Through our unique total concept, we strive to innovate the sustainability sector, and make the lives of homeowners easier and more sustainable. 

Onze Visie

Our vision is a world where sustainability and comfort go hand in hand, where everyone can contribute to a better environment and a healthier planet.

We strive to create a greener future by offering innovative and sustainable solutions.

We believe in a society where sustainability is an integral part of everyday life, and where everyone can make conscious choices for a sustainable future.

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