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Every year, millions of Dutch households unnecessarily waste money on heating costs because heat easily escapes from their homes. By installing insulation, you save on energy costs and benefit from a pleasant indoor climate. Your home stays at a comfortable temperature more easily, reducing the need for heating or cooling. At SENS Consult in The Hague, we offer various forms of insulation to optimally insulate your residential or commercial space. Our experts are ready to provide you with advice and customization! Request insulation advice right now!

Our Solutions for Home Insulation

SENS Consult understands the importance of insulating a commercial building or home. Good insulation not only provides a comfortable indoor environment, but also helps to make the world more sustainable by reducing your energy consumption and energy costs. Discover our various insulation services in The Hague, all performed by our certified staff.

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation makes your home feel more comfortable because it traps heat better and makes the walls feel less cold. The most commonly used materials for this are glass wool, rock wool and HR++ EPS beads (small Styrofoam balls of expanded polystyrene). In some situations, such as a narrow space between walls, not every material will fit. We can advise you which materials are suitable.

The insulation value, which indicates how well a material retains heat, depends primarily on the width of the space between the walls. A term often used to describe this value is the Rc value. This value indicates the thermal resistance of a building component. An uninsulated cavity wall has a low thermal resistance, about 0.4 m² K/W. If you insulate a 6-centimeter cavity, the wall’s thermal resistance increases to 1.7 m² K/W, which means the wall insulates better.

Foto van spouwmuurisolatie
Foto van dakisolatie met Icynene

Roof Insulation

A poorly insulated roof loses a lot of heat and is one of the biggest energy wasters in the home. Unfortunately, most Dutch roofs are only moderately insulated. Insulating your roof can literally save you >800 euros a year, depending on your energy contract. You will also keep the warm air outside your home in the summer and have even more living comfort.

Insulating the roof can be done in 2 ways: on the inside or the outside. The pitched roof is insulated on the inside. This is the most inexpensive solution. We can do this with different types of roof insulation. We can give you customized advice and tell you exactly what materials are needed.

A flat roof is usually insulated on the outside. We do not currently insulate flat roofs because of the risk of moisture problems, and recommend that you consult a roofing company.

Floor insulation and soil insulation

Floor insulation makes your floor nice and warm. We have a solution for your floor insulation whether your floor is concrete or wood. We place insulation material above or below the floor to stop heat loss and increase your living comfort.

For a concrete floor, we recommend using insulation materials such as wool, foam or foil, depending on your home’s capabilities. Wooden floors are best insulated with glass wool, mineral wool or insulation boards. These materials allow air to pass through and prevent moisture problems. They also dampen sound, which is more pleasant for your neighbors.

If floor insulation in the crawl space under your home is not possible, we offer bottom insulation as an alternative. This method blocks cold and moisture by applying HR++ EPS beads to the bottom of the crawl space.

Floor insulation gives you about the same profit as a 3.5 percent interest rate on your savings account by saving so much on your consumption of gas. A well-insulated floor not only increases the value of your home, but also your living comfort. You will recoup the cost of floor insulation on average within 3.5 years. With government subsidies, this can be done even faster, in about 3 years.

Foto van vloerisolatie met EPS
Doorsnede van Triple Glas

Insulating glass

Experience a pleasant indoor environment and save on your energy costs with insulating glass. We supply and install various types of insulating glass, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Single or standard double glazing often allows a lot of heat to escape, making your home feel cold and uncomfortable in the winter. This can lead to condensation and cold trap, a draft flow along the window. With the introduction of improved insulation glass such as HR++ and triple glazing (HR+++), you can effectively reduce these problems while saving on your heating costs.

HR++ and triple glass are superior to single or standard double glazing, thanks to their advanced insulation properties. They consist of multiple layers of glass with an intermediate cavity filled with noble gases such as argon or krypton. These gases are better insulators than ordinary air, and the special heat-reflective coating on the glass reflects heat back in.

SENS Consult offers high-quality insulation glass solutions that will ensure you save up to 25% on your heating costs. Contact us for more information and advice on the best choice for your home.

Subsidies voor Isolatie

To make your home even more energy efficient while saving on your energy bills, you can take advantage of several subsidies for insulation. This applies to both homeowners and owners’ associations (VvEs).

As a homeowner, you can take advantage of the Sustainable Energy and Energy Conservation Investment Subsidy (ISDE). This subsidy provides compensation for insulation measures such as cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, HR++ glass and triple glazing, and floor insulation. In addition, through the National Heat Fund, you can borrow money at a low interest rate to make your home more sustainable with the Energy Savings Loan.

VvEs can apply for the Home Energy Saving Subsidy Scheme (SEEH), which can be used for energy advice, process guidance or a sustainable multi-year maintenance plan (DMJOP), and energy-saving measures in the building and apartments. For VvEs, the National Heat Fund offers the VvE Energy Savings Loan.

The National Insulation Program, which runs through 2030, aims to insulate 2.5 million homes, especially the 1.5 million poorly insulated homes (label E, F and G). To this end, the national government is providing four billion euros. The program consists of four lines of action, including insulating owner-occupied homes through cooperation with municipalities and insulating rental homes by landlords.

In short, there are several ways to better insulate your home while taking advantage of financial benefits. Contact us today to learn more about available grants and loans. Together, we can work toward a more sustainable and energy-efficient future!

Frequently Asked Questions about Insulation

An insulation specialist can help you determine the type of insulation installed in your home. During an inspection, the current insulation materials and their condition will be reviewed, followed by sensible insulation advice on possible upgrades.

The most cost-effective insulation is determined by your specific situation, such as construction and type of home. In general, cavity wall insulation is the most cost-effective, followed by floor and roof insulation. An insulation professional can advise you on the best solution for your specific situation.

The cost of insulating a home depends on the type of insulation used, the size of the property and the materials used. To get a clear indication of costs and possible savings, compare quotes from different insulation companies.

To find a reliable insulation company, look for certified professionals with good references and reviews. Also, ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations and compare quotes from different companies to make the best choice.

When choosing an insulation company, pay attention to certification, expertise, recommendations and reviews. Make sure the organization communicates effectively and is open and honest about the cost of the project, materials and expected output.

An insulation consultant will assess your home and ask questions about your needs and expectations during a consultation. Based on this information, the consultant will make comprehensive recommendations about the best insulation methods and the potential costs and savings.

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