Solar Panels (PV and PV-T)

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Solar panels are an important step in making real estate more sustainable. At SENS Consult, we install custom systems on residential and commercial properties, reducing your dependence on the power grid and lowering your energy bills.

Waarom zonnepanelen?

  1. Savings: With solar panels, you save a lot on your energy bill and notice it in your wallet.
  2. Marketability: Solar panels improve the energy label, the value, and marketability of your house.
  3. ROI: Solar panels are an investment that will pay for itself by saving energy costs.
  4. Eco-friendly: With solar panels you generate green electricity and contribute to a better environment.
Grafiek over zonnepanelen kopen in 2023, over hoeveel zonnepanelen opbrengen

In 2024, you still take full advantage of net-metering due to the high electricity price. From 2025, the balancing option decreases, until 2031 when only the feed-in tariff applies. It is beneficial to use as much self-generated electricity as possible, as this will save you 25 cents per kWh. For unbalanced returned power you will receive 9 cents.

The graph shows the electricity consumption of an average corner house with 4 people (3,800 kWh/year). Dark green represents the self-consumed portion, light green the netted portion, and blue the unsaluted portion. Power prices range from 40-70 cents in 2023, to 25 cents starting in 2030.

Solar panels a thing for me?

Find out whether solar panels are right for you with Milieu Centraal’s solar panel check.

  • Get tailored advice on what solar panels can do for you.
  • Receive independent and reliable advice.
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Blauwe of zwarte panelen?

Unsure if you need blue or black solar panels? Then check out this article from the Dutch Consumer’s Union.

  • Learn what makes mono and polycrystalline panels different.
  • Discover the pros and cons for different panel types.
  • Know which solar panels are best in your situation.

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Onze aanpak

SENS Consult creëert comfortabele en energiezuinige gebouwen. Onze energieprestatie adviseurs en ervaren vakmensen bieden een uniek totaalconcept voor het ontwerpen en installeren van systemen op maat voor je situatie, of het nu gaat om een klein dak of een groot bedrijfspand. Met één aanspreekpunt voor advies en uitvoering hoef je niet meerdere partijen in te schakelen.

Wanneer je ons de opdracht geeft, stellen we samen met je een gedetailleerd plan van aanpak op. Dit omvat onder andere:

1. Ontwerp van het zonnepanelensysteem

We maken een systeem dat perfect is afgestemd op jouw energiebehoefte en dak. We kijken naar de ligging van je dak en of er genoeg ruimte is.

2. Aanschaf en installatiezonnepanelen

We zorgen ervoor dat de zonnepanelen en de bijbehorende materialen worden aangeschaft. We installeren het systeem dan vakkundig op je dak.

3. Aansluiting op het elektriciteitsnetwerk

Wij zorgen ervoor dat het zonnepanelensysteem op het elektriciteitsnetwerk wordt aangesloten volgens de professionele standaarden.

4. Monitoring en onderhoud

We kunnen ook je zonnepanelen monitoren en onderhouden zodat ze altijd goed werken en eventuele problemen snel opgelost worden.

Wij willen dat je zorgeloos en snel het maximale uit je nieuwe zonnepanelensysteem haalt. We laten je dan ook regelmatig weten hoe het proces vordert en je kunt bij ons terecht met vragen. 

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Veelgestelde vragen

The return from solar panels depends on several factors, such as the type of panel, the angle of inclination and orientation, and the amount of sunlight in yr location. On average, solar panels in the Netherlands provide a 4% to 8% return on investment per year, which is often higher than traditional savings accounts.

Het aantal benodigde zonnepanelen is afhankelijk van uw energieverbruik en de beschikbare ruimte op uw dak. Wij kunnen u helpen bij het bepalen van het optimale aantal zonnepanelen tijdens een vrijblijvend adviesgesprek.The number of solar panels required depends on your energy consumption and the available space on your roof. We can help you determine the optimal number of solar panels during a no-obligation consultation.

The lifespan of solar panels varies by manufacturer and quality, but generally they have a lifespan of at least 25 years. Most manufacturers offer a power guarantee of at least 80% after 25 years.

Although there is currently no longer a national subsidy for the purchase of solar panels, you can take advantage of the net-metering scheme and possibly local subsidy schemes. We can inform you about the latest possibilities during a consultation.

The net-metering scheme means that you can offset the energy you generate with your solar panels and feed it back to the grid against the energy you consume from the grid. As a result, you only pay for net consumption. The balancing scheme will be phased out from 2023 to 2031.

The generated energy that you do not consume directly is delivered back to the electricity grid. The net-metering scheme allows you to offset this returned energy against your consumed energy until 2030, which means you pay less for your energy consumption.

Most roofs are strong enough to support solar panels, but it is always wise to have this checked by a specialist. Our experts can assess the carrying capacity of your roof during an inspection and advise on possible adjustments.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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